Investment Process

We take a disciplined approach.

Our investment process is the foundation of your success.

The ACRON investment process is clearly structured. This allows the investor to understand and follow every single step once signed up.

Step by step to success

1 Identifying the investment

Our acquisition team carefully monitors various assets which have been either directly offered to us or identified through our network.

2 Due diligence

Once a decision to acquire a project has been made, a thorough investigation of the business is carried out. This can include financing negotiations, design or project changes.

3 Structuring of the acquisition & Start of market sounding

At this point, market sounding begins in order to gauge the interest of potential investors.

4 Request for financing offers

Choosing the right financing structure helps to ensure the success of our investment.

5 Regulatory issues

We ensure that all regulatory rules are properly considered and addressed.

6 Completing the investment essentials

This entails putting into place investment essentials, such as obtaining equity required to start or closing a funding round. Development risk is covered by a sustainable completion guarantee.

7 Sales and equity funding; Capital call to investors

Once investors have been brought on board, the equity is allocated and a loan contract is secured.

8 Financing and closing

This stage typically includes acquisition of the land, transfer of ownership and loan closings.

9 Asset management

ACRON implements measures to preserve the value of existing properties and to increase the returns from ownership.

10 Building wealth

The exit produces returns and wealth is built.