Building wealth for investors with real estate assets since 1981.

Safe, solid, transparent!

  • Family-owned and managed real estate investment company
  • ACRON fosters a sense of belonging by making investors part of the ACRON family
  • Exclusive assets worldwide, with a focus on Europe and the United States since 1981
  • Mission: Responsible, transparent, and secure handling of capital for both ACRON and its investors
  • Investment strategy involves actively investing alongside clients
  • Tailor-made and sound investment policy prioritizing safety and transparency
  • Goal: Preserve and build wealth to successfully pass it on to the next generation


Corporate brochure

Transaction volume (in CHF)

As of November 2023, our company's transaction volume in Switzerland, Europe and, in particular, the USA, amounted to more than CHF 2.4 billion.

Asset Class Breakdown*

Real estate, with its low correlation to other financial assets, is a crucial component in diverse investment portfolios. We provide tailored solutions for investors seeking high and stable income returns. Our focus lies on real estate segments, particularly hospitality and office space, known for their income-generating potential. Other investment options include retail space, assisted living, and logistics properties.

As of November 2023; *in relation to investment volume

Transaction by location*

International diversification is important to improve the risk and return profile of a portfolio. Guided by our key principle of safety first, we focus our investments mainly in safe havens. Yet, as long as our high level investment security criteria are fulfilled, we are open to consider investments in other stable real estate markets.

As of November 2023/ *in relation to transaction volume